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A Synopsis of the Presentation of the Mayan Calendar

A Synopsis of the Presentation of the Mayan Calendar
James L. Beene

An introduction to the Mayan Calendar
Who were the Mayan people?
Where did the Calendar come from?
Does history verify the periods of the Mayan Calendar?
Correlation of world events to the periods of the Mayan Calendar
What is the significance of this Calendar to the present time?
How does the Mayan Calendar relate to the events of biblical

This is how the Mayan Calendar is defined; there are 9 sets of
(Underworlds) given to the Mayans by the "Skypeople". These are
given in
the table below. Each of these cycles has a period of 7 Days and 6
Nights (same as the Genesis story of creation!). The length of Days
Nights) are determined by the specific cycle; in the Cellular Cycle
Days/Nights were 1.26 billion years long while in the Planetary
the Days/Nights were 19.69 years long.

Underworld or Cycle Name Cycle period, Total Length
#1: Cellular Cycle 16.4 billion years
#2: Mammalian Cycle 820 million years
#3: Familial Cycle 41 million years
#4: Tribal Cycle 2 million years
#5: Regional Cycle 102,000 years
#6: National Cycle 5125 years
#7: Planetary Cycle 256 years
#8: Galactic Cycle 12.8 years
#9: Universal Cycle 0.72 years

Why were the Mayans (a relatively primitive society) given a
that shows the point of origin of the universe? Why did they need
Answer: they didn't need that knowledge but they were given the
honor of
safeguarding this knowledge until now. This is one of the
aspects of this calendar.

Since our awareness is increasing very rapidly (scripture refers to
exponential increase in awareness), it is of great help to organize
history into a pattern that makes sense of human life. This enables
people to understand, not only the events of the past, but the
events and how future history is unfolding. It provides a release
the fears caused by the present system of governments, finances,
politics and world events. This understanding brings a deep sense of
calm and peace amidst the turmoil of these changing days.

The Mayan calendar expresses the schedule of Creation, and we are
presently in the second to last of the great cycles, the Galactic
Previously, the Days/Nights were 19.69 years long (about 20 years to
"generation" ) but now the Days/Nights are only 360 days long. So,
period of a "generation" is less than a year. What used to take
over 20 years now occurs in less than a year. We are now in the 3rd
of the Galactic cycle. This cycle contains the impact between the
consciousness that is now running and the previous consciousness
The previous cycle is called the Planetary Consciousness cycle and
has produced a planetary consciousness with the development of
technology and telecommunications. This entire Planetary Cycle of
years has been about the development of POWER. From 1755 AD up to
consciousness has been applied to developing means of empowerment
the environment and each other with machines and weapons of mass
destruction. This is commonly known as the Industrial Revolution.

The new Galactic consciousness cycle, which began Jan. 5th 1999, is
based on ETHICS. (The deft application of power) At the outset these
are directly opposed. There will be a direct collision between the
and the ETHICS. Once the pieces have been reassembled the power that
now have at our disposal will be applied in an Ethical manner for
benefit of all, not just a few. Those few are desperate and running
the light of new consciousness.

The 2nd Night had a midnight on June 19th 2002. Just as earthly
midnights are the point where we start moving toward the day, so are
consciousness cycles midnights a point where consciousness moves
the next day. The 3rd day of the consciousness cycles is always a
demonstration or unfolding of the "TRUTH" behind the operation of
previous Cycle. In this case, the truth about the extreme measures
by those in power to remain in those positions will be fully exposed.

Around June 18th, 2002, there was a change in the direction of world
consciousness toward the truth. This will more than likely be an
that will draw the attention of everyone on Earth with all of the
resulting effects being squarely placed on the shoulders of those
responsible, i.e. our own Government's operatives. The disclosures
within our FBI (reported in this week's TIME magazine) are brought
by the ETHICAL conduct of one Coleen Rowley.

The truth is coming my friends. Tell your neighbors whether they
want to
hear or not. It is the kindest thing you can do for them. It will
the shock or even move them into a new consciousness before the

Time is not becoming compressed; rather consciousness is being
as it always was. Only the period of time is changing and is now
changing very rapidly.

We, indeed, are the ones that we have been waiting for. Let us grow
knowledge and wisdom! Let us manifest the Creator and let peace
with each one of us.
(Sign of Rev:12:1-4 is revealed on September 12,1999)

The Galactic Period
Galactic Period Dates

Day #1: The Seed, time of planting 01-05-1999 to 12-30-1999
Change from the consciousness of previous cycle
Night #1: Germination, movement up to next Day 12-31-2000 to 12-24-
Preparation for the Millennium
Day #2: Sprout, duality, separation 12-25-2000 to 12-19-2001
World is polarized, light impacts old consciousness
Night#2: Application of duality (1st impact between new 12-20-2001
Consciousness and old consciousness)
New consciousness overtake old, all truth is revealed
Day #3: Type of plant defined. The Truth comes forth about the old
12-15-2002 to 12-09-2003
Evaporation of the nations, consciousness overwhelms nations
Night #3: Plant begins to take on its full characteristics. The
12-10-2003 to 12-03-2004
revelations and conflicts are resolved
New consciousness dominates old consciousness
Day #4: Plant is now well defined. New consciousness dominates
12-04-2004 to 11-28-2005
old consciousness
Time of healing, new foundations of human relations

Night #4: Growth patterns move to create the new life. New 11-29-
2005 to
foundations are laid and new procedures are lived with the
new consciousness.
Time of the coming of the Christ Consciousness
Ethical procedures are implemented
Day #5: Flowers appear. A new man begins to be formed. 11-24-2006 to
New consciousness is accelerated (See Jeremiah 31:31-34)
We meet our Galactic neighbors
Night #5: Flowers are pollinated. Mankind moves to the next level
11-19-2007 to 11-12-2008
of evolution
The end of manufactured lack
Day #6: Fruits or seed pods begin to form 11-13-2008 to 11-07-2009
Mankind moves beyond technology, Spirit manifests desires
Undefined period of growth in consciousness
Night #6: Fruits ripen. Man becomes aware of himself 11-08-2009 to
All consciousness becomes aware of the names of G_d
Day #7: Time of reseeding, to complete the cycle and start an 11-03-
to 10-28-2011
even greater cycle.
We evolve to conscious Co-creation of existence and experience
Time of the New Heaven and the new Earth, See Revelations 19:19

Beginning on Feb 10, 2011, the final Universal Cycle begins (this is
part way through the 7th Day of the Galactic Cycle). Here the Days
Night are 20 days long and the spiritual change in mankind moves
at a great pace. The collective consciousness of all those that are
transformed (a totally new stage in the evolution of man) create
a "new
heaven and a new earth" as spoken of by John in his book of
The last day of the last cycle period is October 28, 2011. The
does not imply or suggest what happens after this time nor does the
Scriptures, except that there will be a period of 1000 years of
(that surpasses all understanding) and then 34,000 years of the
fulfillment of the promises given to Abraham.
This is a brief look at the events revealed to the Mayans, who did
understand all the events even when they foresaw the end of their
culture. They then knew that their role was to guard the meaning of
calendar until the "end".
June 18, 2002 was the "Midnight" point between the 2nd Night and the
Day in the Galactic Cycle. This is the time when the full disclosure
truth begins; just recall to mind the things that began to happen
this date. This is the result of the present Divine Consciousness
impressed on the universe, not just the earth or Solar system. This
the Divine Plan at work!


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